Your Place in the World Now

Charlotte Barber and Eloise reflect on the journey so far…

We are over half way through the project now and having completed all the creative sessions we are delving into the making with the young people, here’s Eloise telling us about her experience so far:

The workshops have given me a lot of inspiration and I’m really excited to be working on creating my own piece with the skills I’ve learned.

I find the themes of identity and ‘your place in the world’ really interesting so it wasn’t long before I came up with an idea for what I wanted to create. I’ve written a monologue that expresses some questions and thoughts I’ve had for a while. Thoughts about how we perceive the world around us and us and how we use that information to decide how to behave in a situation.

I think I’ve decided to have it as a video with visuals instead of me just reading it or it being an interactive thing as I’ve done performances before but never filmed something like this and fancy doing something new. I’ve finished planning out the visuals and now need to think about what I want to do with the audio and then I can begin filming stuff.

Being part of this project has taught me some really useful skills and I’ve got to hang out with some amazing and talented people for which I am very thankful!

We are so excited to see what Eloise and all our participants produce as part of ‘Your Place In The World Now!’