As well as advocating for and sharing information about the work of our partner organisations (steering group and wider network members), the Culture Co-op has also initiated a few programmes and projects, so that we are able to successfully achieve our stated objectives. General activities include; developing a cultural road map, hosting an annual careers expo (on hold due to COVID-19) and running a young people’s group to steer the direction of the Co-op, as well as drive the Our Place in the World: Cultural & Creative Education Programme.

Securing funding for two years from 2020, the Culture Co-op, in partnership with Curious Minds and Lancaster University and lead organisation Lancashire Youth Challenge, have been able to develop ‘Our Place in the World: Cultural & Creative Education Programme’. Via this we manage a creative commission scheme for local artists and small organisations, are moving forward with the development of a new online HUB and have recently developed an offline creative challenge pack. Find out more below.

Our Place in the World: Cultural & Creative Education Programme

This two year funded initiative funded by Arts Council England and in partnership with Curious Minds and Lancaster University aims to support over 150 young people aged 13-19 (and up to 25 for those requiring additional support) from working class, vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds, by enabling them to participate in high quality cultural and creative activities.

The initiative is led by Lancashire Youth Challenge (via their three year Our Place in the World scheme) and the Culture Co-op.

Cultural Roadmap

Over the last six months the Culture Co-op has been working closely with the steering group and wider membership to develop a local cultural map of provision. Once completed, the document will act as a road map for young people wanting to engage in local arts and cultural provision.

More information on the project will be coming soon.

Young People's Creative Careers Expo

An internally managed event to showcase the creative career opportunities available to young people interested in developing a career in the arts.

In partnership with Lancaster University and other HE institutions, the event boasts a creative marketplace, workshops and talks. In its first year over 140 young people (aged 15-17) attended the event.

Due to COVID-19 there will be no careers expo in 2020, however we hope to develop something in 2021, either live or online.

Events & Gatherings

The purpose of our events and gatherings is to update on the Co-op’s progress, share new learning and allow people to link up, fostering new partnerships and developing new opportunities. The Culture Co-op aims to have at least one gathering per year.