Zia reflects on their third month in post.
My most recent sketch. During my last participation in the More Media Collective (More Music, Morecambe), we did a simple drawing of something related to or representing us. The crack in the skull is inspired by a tattoo design I saw, which a light bulb was cracked open to reveal a brain to represent overthinking, which is something I have been trying to both control and embrace.

Recently, we at Culture Co-op have launched our exciting project ‘New Radicals’ in which we, a group of young people, are coming together to share what we are passionate about and, with the help of Culture Co-op and a budget, look forward to firing up a project (or more!) pioneered by our passions and creativity. It has been very interesting seeing what other young people are interested in and utilising the connections I have made so far to begin in this new journey. Current issues raised have ranged from access to quality trans and mental health healthcare access to women’s representation in technology and embracing oneself. I am excited to share how this continues to unfold with you in my next blog post.

During my Kickstart placement, I have taken various courses such as Safeguarding Level 2, Youth Mental Health First Aid (CAHMS led), and Emergency First Aid at Work. Recently, I attended a couple of Curious Minds workshops in project management. I learnt various tips and skills. Some of the less technical ones were the importance of an organisation building trust between its community, organising your work how you organise your life, and humility.

I think the balance between remaining humble and being assured in your skills and values is an important thing, and sometimes a tentative balance to upkeep, especially professionally. As I move forward, however, it is something I am strengthening and have progressed on during my last few months. In reflection, I have noticed a change in my project management skills, awareness of local projects and charities, and confidence in my own abilities, both professional and personal, particularly in emotional intelligence, practicality, and adaptiveness. An example of this has been being a member of the Blaze advisory group and trying to use my growing knowledge to answer questions Blaze has towards us in steering their direction.

Moving forwards, I will note my assets and shortcomings and kickstart solidifying myself professionally and develop my skills in drawing, writing, editing, design, and technology.