Learn, Live, Love together in a Caring Catholic Community
Inspired by our divine teacher Jesus and with respect to the traditions of ‘faith in action’ from the Catholic Church through the centuries, our mission is to give every one of our young people the holistic education that enables them to live life to the full. Central to enabling that fulfilment will be:-

  • Sharing with them the gift of a life lived in the love of Christ.
  • Helping them develop wisdom as well as knowledge so that their future choices will enhance their lives and the lives of others.
  • Nurturing in them a sense of awe and wonder so that their spirituality grows and they appreciate the magnificence of nature and are confident of their unique place in it.
  • Treating all our young people with the dignity that ensures their sense of self-worth is a solid foundation for their own happiness and teaching them to replicate this respect for others as a spring of mutual understanding and regard in their wider communities.