Our Vision (what we want to achieve)

To create safer communities in Lancashire by working with children, their families and victims to achieve positive outcomes and prevent offending behaviour.

Our Mission (how we will achieve the vision)

Lancashire Youth Offending Team will deliver quality service and work effectively in partnership with all other relevant services to help children and reach their potential.

Our Values

We will:

  • Listen to the voice of the child and provide a ‘child first’ approach
  • Show respect
  • Be open, honest and fair
  • Celebrate individual and local community differences
  • Have passionate and committed staff, who are valued
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Be committed to providing an excellent service
  • Work effectively with other services to achieve positive outcomes for children
  • Listen to the wishes and feelings of victims and ensure a restorative approach
  • Strive to always improve

Lancashire Child & Youth Justice Service’s safeguarding pledges to children

Pledge 1

We will do our best to keep you safe from harm

Pledge 2

We will listen to you and do everything possible to make sure you get help when you need it