Steering Group Member


To be an off-line incubator for developing creativity, compassion, resilience and enterprising skills for all 11-18’s


To create a virtuous circle where young people engage and become involved in local creative projects, their emotional wellbeing improves as a result, and then they engage and become more fully and positively involved in their communities.


To set up a program of inspiring creative activities to engage hundreds of children and young people in the Lancaster & Morecambe District.


  • To build empathy, emotional intelligence and a culture of compassion.
  • To build self-worth and resilience.
  • To enable young people to find new interests and passions and learn new skills.
  • To provide free opportunities for young people to make friends and build networks.
  • To connect young people in a positive way to their local community. Values Be kind.

We offer a huge array of activities designed to build creativity or compassion or aid a feeling of ‘escape’. There are too many workshops/programs to mention that we have tried and have in the pipeline – they vary from ice cream making to architecture, hairdressing to up-cycling clothes, land art to animation, mind reading to yoga, BBQ building to herb growing, Song writing to Japanese Ceramics.