Central Lancaster High School is a welcoming and close-knit community with very close links to the surrounding areas which it serves. We pride ourselves on offering excellent support to pupils so that they receive the very best of all things during their time with us. It is our duty to see that we meet the needs of all our pupils – be they academic, emotional, pastoral or extra-curricular – preparing them well for life beyond our doors. It is a duty we take very seriously. We therefore provide an excellent education in its broadest sense, so that our pupils thrive on opportunities whilst they are with us and leave us ready to make their own way in the world as happy, healthy, resourceful and successful young adults.

In fulfilling our duty, our values of Community, Commitment and Creativity encapsulate our ethos and guide all our work in school. We work to foster a sense of belonging, ensuring that all pupils and staff appreciate their value as part of both the school and wider community. We encourage them to see both the responsibilities and opportunities that their place within each community brings and make the most of them. We encourage our pupils and staff to contribute whole-heartedly to their community and the part they play in it. To support that commitment, we foster resilience and dedication to constant improvement in all our work, insisting on the highest standards. Finally, we ask all our pupils and staff to take on challenges with creativity, seeing obstacles as chances to design innovative solutions and push the boundaries of their thinking and talents. We believe that this approach delivers an environment within school which both nurtures our young people and pushes them to become the best version of themselves. We believe that in doing this, we prepare our young people to be happy and successful during their time with us and beyond.